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葡京官方网, LightCycler? Systems, 葡京现金下载 and More

Enhance workflows, gain superior performance, and generate precise results with the full portfolio of reliable brands from Roche



Start here. Go anywhere.

As a revolutionary family of automated sample preparation solutions, 葡京官方网 enhance your laboratory workflow.

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High-performance, real-time PCR

Achieve precise, consistent results with a full range of LightCycler??instruments, reagents, assays, and disposables to fit any laboratory throughput or budget.

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Demand the truth.

葡京现金下载 RNA Masters delivers superior performance for gene expression and pathogen detection.

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葡京游戏官网 FFPET RNA Isolation Kit

葡京游戏官网 — flexible nucleic acid purification

葡京游戏官网 Kits offer flexible nucleic acid isolation from a variety of sample materials.

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Virus and Bacteria Graphic

LightMix? Modular 澳门葡京备用网址

Create a pathogen detection panel that is just right for you.

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FastStart EagleTaq Teaser

EagleTaq and FastStart — master mixes you can rely on

Master Mixes that consistently deliver exceptional sensitivity and specificity for your qPCR assays.

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RealTime Ready

葡京线上电子 — freedom of expression

Function-tested qPCR assays, designed to your specifications, allow for simplified gene expression analysis on your LightCycler? Instrument.

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The 线上葡京电玩 allows you to design qPCR assays of virtually any sequenced organism.

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SpringBio proprietary “SP” clones continue to emerge as best-in-class IHC markers for their high affinity, sensitivity, and specificity.
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