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Flexible Nucleic Acid Isolation Using 葡京游戏官网 Kits

High-purity nucleic acid generation to start your experiments off right

葡京游戏官网 Kits

Flexible nucleic acid isolation. High purity for demanding downstream application.

Start your experiments off right by generating high-purity nucleic acid with Roche 葡京游戏官网 nucleic acid isolation and purification kits.

Flexibility unlimited

  • Enjoy ease of use. Avoid organic solvents and toxic reagents.
  • Isolate many types of nucleic acids sing the same proven principle
  • One kit for lots of applications. Purify nucleic acids from many different sample materials.
  • Conserve resources. All necessary enzymes for degradation of cellular components are supplied.
葡京游戏官网 Kits for manual Nucleic Acid Isolation

葡京游戏官网 Kits allow for Flexible Nucleic Acid Isolation

Isolate nucleic acids from a variety of sample materials in 20 minutes or less with the versatile 葡京游戏官网 kits.


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Nucleic acid purification kits

葡京游戏官网 Technology

Explore the technology behind 葡京游戏官网

These rapid purification kits eliminate traditional solvent extraction, precipitation, and electrophoresis steps.

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Select the 葡京游戏官网 Kit that meets your needs.

Reagent Kits Pack Size
(number of isolations)
Target Starting Material
Whole Blood Plasma Cell Culture Serum Fresh Frozen Tissue FFPE Tissue

葡京游戏官网 Viral Nucleic Acid Kit?*



X X ? X ? ?

葡京游戏官网 PCR Template Preparation Kit?*



Genomic DNA


X ? X ? ? X

葡京游戏官网 FFPET DNA Isolation Kit


? ? ? ? ? X

葡京游戏官网 RNA Isolation Kit


Total RNA

X ? X ? ? ?
葡京游戏官网 FFPET RNA Isolation Kit ?50 ? ? ? ? ? X
葡京游戏官网 miRNA Isolation Kit 50 Total RNA/Small RNA ? ? X ? X ?
葡京游戏官网 Plasmid Isolation Kit 50 Plasmid DNA? ? ? X ? ? ?
葡京游戏官网 Plasmid Isolation Kit 250 ? ? X ? ? ?
葡京游戏官网 PCR Product Purification Kit 50 PCR Product Purification? ? ? ? ? ? ?
葡京游戏官网 PCR Product Purification Kit 250 ? ? ? ? ? ?

X= Roche supported protocols

* For general laboratory use

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