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Roche's broad range of instruments and reagents streamlines your research—from hypothesis to publication.

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Get single assays for your targets of choice or custom design panels, pre-plated on 96 or 384 qPCR multiwell plates.

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Demand the truth. Demand 葡京现金下载.

Witness the evolution of RT-qPCR with sensitive, specific and one-vial 葡京现金下载 master mixes. Turn even the smallest clues into measurably better results, ensuring no evidence gets lost in transcription.

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澳门葡京直营 — consistently high yields

Our comprehensive selection of reverse transcription products helps you choose the correct enzyme and reaction setup for RT and cDNA synthesis.

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The 线上葡京电玩 allows you to design real-time qPCR assays in seconds and analyze over five million transcripts of virtually any sequenced organism.


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Bring your qPCR to the next level with the new 5x concentrated Multiplex Master Mixes from Roche. Detect a greater number of targets per reaction, work more efficiently, and maximize your valuable samples.

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Modular 澳门葡京备用网址 — one concept, three benefits

Simple but elegant with numberous benefits. Modular in design, the LightMix?Modular 澳门葡京备用网址 enable you to create a pathogen detection panel just right for you.

葡京娱乐赌场网址 96 Instrument

葡京娱乐赌场网址 System Family

Your genomic workflow begins with nucleic acid purification. Roche Molecular Diagnostics has revolutionized automated sample preparation with nearly 2 decades of expertise. Enhancing your laboratory workflow, the 葡京官方网 offer automated, flexible, and consistent solutions.

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葡京线上游戏app 96 Instrument

LightCycler? System Family — precise, consistent results

Benefit from Roche's experience in real-time PCR and achieve precise, consistent results with a full range of instruments, reagents, assays, and disposables to fit any laboratory throughput or budget.

High-performance real-time PCR
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